Wednesday, August 31, 2011

McAfee Total Protection 5.0 Beta –McAfee Beta

McAfee has McAfee Protection 5.0 still in beta. You can learn more about the product and register to download at

What's New With McAfee Total Protection?

• Improved Threat Detection:
• CleanBoot Tool:
• McAfee Anti Theft
• Improved Performance:
• MTP installation time has been reduced
• Improved On Demand Scan (ODS) performance.
• Home Network offer a larger list of Devices to identify on its drop-down list. Devices such as; Network Switches, PDA's, Smart Phones are now available to choose from.
• Parental Controls accumulate statistics in a Security Report
• Parental Controls now offers Improved Time Restriction capabilities
• Online Demand Scans now prompt the user to scan external drives
• Quickclean/Shredder now includes additional options when cleaning up files
• Improved key-logger protection

With respect to last year's McAfee Total Protection

McAfee didn't participate in's May Retrospective test.

They did receive a VB100 award in the Virus Bulletin August Test

Their solution came in next to last in's "Whole Product Real World Dynamic Test" May-June

They failed certification on's q2 test

Not a McStellar performance.

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