Friday, May 21, 2010

Facebook - Time for a Sanity Check

It almost seems as if the only people who feel as if it's okay to make all personal information public on a social network reside within the executive team at Facebook. Not everyone who is a member of Facebook counts themselves as being among "the brightest guys on the room".

As previously mentioned elsewhere, "monetization" is the 800 pound gorilla in all this. And Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks aren't public services. This doesn't mean that Facebook can ignore the risks people may put themselves at when they choose to display information.

Facebook has to make it easy for people to select what they want to display and to whom. If not, the government will step in and tell them what to do and how to do it.

So - time for a sanity check. In developing the next privacy settings, is it something your children find easy to use? What about mom and dad? If not, perhaps one more try is in order. Monetization and personal privacy aren't mutually exclusive.

Great article to read on the topic posted was posted on May 21.

"Facebook working on 'simple' privacy settings" by Declan McCullagh