Saturday, September 10, 2011

Belated McCredit to a Prior McAfee Campaign

Taking a journey on the hot tub time machine. The time - mid 2000’s. Internet security provider McAfee embarks on a “Power of M” campaign. The campaign was “designed to communicate how the company has evolved from its beginnings as a provider of anti-virus software, to becoming a global leader in comprehensive security, to a current leadership position in security risk management. “ “M” is everywhere. Needless to say, someone at a high level disagrees with the campaign. Banners disappear, flags disappear. Even some employees seem to disappear as everyone disavows knowledge of the campaign.

Returning the hot tub time machine to 2011. In a September issue of the Wall Street Journal, with the tag line “Safe Never Sleeps” is a half page advert, with the McAfee “M” dominating the ad. Sometimes things just go in circles. Look for “leader in intrusion prevention” sometime in the near future ;)

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