Saturday, September 17, 2011 Whole Product Dynamic Test – August 2011

The top five products in the and the "Whole Product Dynamic Real World Test” for August has some major antivirus and internet security suite vendors performing not so well. The top 5 for the month were Trend Micro, Symantec, Avira, BitDefender, and K7.

1. 99.5 – Trend Micro
2. 99.0 – Symantec
3. 98.4 – Avira
4. 98.4 – BitDefender
5. 97.9 – K7

To see complete results for August (twelve more vendors), go to and view the monthly report. More important though, are results over a period of time. For a one quarter write-up K7 has improved a lot in the August results.

To see an older table of the Whole Product Dynamic Test and Certification Test Combined, go to . The 2012 versions of antivirus and internet security suites have been rolling out of the last couple of months. These will probably be incorporated into the test bed, replacing the 2011 versions.

Go to to play with the interactive table. You can also modify the time period and view results.

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