Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pwnie Awards Announced During Black Hat USA 2011

The Pwnie Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements and failures of security researchers and the security community. This year’s awards were given out August 3, concurrent with the Black Hat USA 2011 conference. Some of these are positive. Some of the incidents were a major “Maalox moment” for the winners. Kind of like the Razzies, that salute the worst of Hollywood each year.

The Pwnie Winners

• Pwnie for Best Server-Side Bug - ASP.NET Framework Padding Oracle (CVE-2010-3332) - : Juliano Rizzo, Thai Duong
• Pwnie for Best Client-Side Bug - FreeType vulnerability in iOS (CVE-2011-0226) - : Comex
• Pwnie for Best Privilege Escalation Bug - Windows kernel win32k user-mode callback vulnerabilities (MS11-034) -Tarjei Mandt
• Pwnie for Most Innovative Research - Piotr Bania
• Pwnie for Lifetime Achievement -pipacs/PaX Team
• Lamest Vendor Response - RSA SecurID token compromise
• Pwnie for Most Epic FAIL - Sony
• Pwnie for Epic 0wnage - Stuxnet

For more details on the awards, go to Worth checking out.

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