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Best Internet Security Suites 2012 - Best 2012 Security Suites - PC Magazine

September 11 - This blog is comprehensive with respect to 2012 versions.  2013 versions have "started" to come out and be reveiwed. After reading this blog, you may want to click on the following link for to see the 2013 versions.

Internet Security vendors are now starting to release their Internet Security Suite 2012 solutions. Most of the solutions out there are still Internet Security 2011. Below are the rankings of a number of internet security suites that have been reviewed by PC Magazine. The stars are out of 5. The number in ( ) is the score received in 2011.

Best Internet Security Suites 2012 - Best 2012 Security Suites

4.5 - Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete
4.5 - Norton Internet Security 2012
4.0 – BitDefender Internet Security Suite 2012 (3.5)
4.0 – Zone Alarm Extreme Security 2012
3.5 - Trend Micro Titanium Security 2012
3.5 – Kaspersky Internet Security Suite 2012 (4.0)
3.0 – G Data Internet Security 2012 (3.0)
3.0 - AVG Internet Security 2012 (2.5)
2.5 – Panda Global Protection 2012
2.5 – TrustPort Internet Security Suite 2012 (2.5)
2.5 - ESET Smart Security 5
2.5 - Bullgaurd Internet Secrity 12
2.0 – Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.5(2.5)

For the PC Magazine Reviews

To see the reviews by PC Magazine's Neil Rubenking go to,2817,2373529,00.asp

PC Magazine reviews each of the products in the table in detail. People looking for a solution should look at these individual reviews. They contain detailed (and extremely knowledgeable) qualitative data about the products as well as results of malware tests that were done by PC Magazine. Most internet security firms seem to have a basic antivirus package, an internet security suite, and then one or more ultra internet security suites. The range of additional features varies. It’s like, “But wait, there’s more.” Everything but a ginzu knife. The variety of features will be the subject of another blog.

PC Magazine and Combined

The table below combines several results from as well as PC Magazine. The second column is the ranking for detection rate from the AV-Comparatives On Demand Detection of Malicious Software report – September 2011 The third column is the same but for the April report. The fourth column is for AV-Comparatives Whole Product Real World Dynamic Test in August. The last column is the score for PC Magazine’s Internet Security 2012 reviews.

What Does the Table below Mean?

With respect to on Demand Detection, with the exception of McAfee; there was a consistency of performance among the top five vendors. There seems to be little relationship between the Whole Product Real World Dynamic test and the On Demand Detection tests. PC Magazine’s ratings don’t correlate with any of the three tests. However, PC Magazine’s scores are for much more than detection of malware. They are for a total product review.


To see a ranking of the Best Internet Security Suites 2011, go to

To see an evolving compilation of Best Antivirus 2012 reviews, go to

Other Sites to Look at For Product Tests


Pay attention to the exact product tested and the version number. This is a particularly dynamic document and will be updated as other internet security suites are released, as the test groups above perform more tests, and as other publications do reviews.

Get ready for the press releases.

AV-Comparatives is an Austrian Non-Profit-Organization, which provides independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public. Go to their website for complete details about the organization and the many tests they perform.

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