Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet Security Suites 2012 and the Super Suites - Everything but the Kitchen Sync

First, there was Antivirus. Followed by Antivirus Plus. Followed by Internet Security Suites. Then the Super Suites, which are faster, protect you from things you never know you had to be protected from, improved your “online experience” and would get you great seats for the World Cup and World Series. Well, maybe not the latter.

For example, the Super suite for BitDefender - Total Security, adds File Shredder, File Encryption, Tune-Up, and a Safe Backup versus the internet security suite -

For Kaspersky - Pure Total Security – adding management, password management, encrypted data vaults, password manager, and more versus the internet security suite!

For Panda -Panda Global Protection – adding tune-up, file shredding, file encryption versus the internet security suite -

The links above lead to the respective product comparison grids and have 2012 products out.

Not to be outdone, Norton has two Super suites. Norton 360™ and Norton 360 Premier Edition.

Other Super Suites

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security, McAfee Total Protection, Zone Alarm Extreme Security, G Data Total Security (2012 out) , TrustPort Total Protection (2012 out) This list isn’t comprehensive.

So, visit the grids, choose from the smorgasbord of functionality you are looking for. The permutations are many! Parental Guidance is another feature frequently thrown in, as is Game Mode. Or a small handful of features that are a subset of another product the company sells.

As of August 24, companies that had their Internet Security 2012 Suites released (and most likely, their Super suites are BitDefender, Zone Alarm, Kaspersky, G Data, Panda, TrustPort, and Outpost.

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