Tuesday, August 09, 2011

AV-comparatives.org Whole Product Dynamic Test – June through July 2011

A bit of a switch in the top five products in the AV-Comparatives.org and their Whole Product Dynamic "Real World" Test, June through July, versus the January through June test. These results were out of the box capture rates.

1. 99.3 - F-Secure
2. 99.3 - Panda
3. 98.8 - Trend Micro
4. 98.3 - BitDefender
5. 98.1 - G Data

Symantec/Norton dropped to seventh, blocking 98.1%, out of the top five. The top six for the January through June time period were BitDefender, F-Secure, Symantec, G Data, Panda, and Kaspersky.

To see a table of the AV-Comparatives.org Whole Product Dynamic Test and AV-Test.org Certification Test Combined, go to http://kensek.blogspot.com/2011/07/av-comparativesorg-whole-product.html

Go to http://www.av-comparatives.org/en/comparativesreviews/dynamic-tests to play with the interactive table. You can also modify the time period and view results.

About AV-comparatives.org - www.av-comparatives.org

AV-Comparatives is an Austrian Non-Profit-Organization, which is providing independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public.

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