Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Virus Bulletin VB2012 Conference – Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is   antivirus and anti-malware vendor ground zero this week.  Virus Bulletin’s VB2012 conference is taking place   in the US for the first time since 2004.  A substantial number of major antivirus and anti-malware vendors  attend this function, as well as customers.    Delegates range from dedicated anti-malware researchers to security experts from government and military organizations, legal, financial, and educational institutions, and large corporations. This is an annual event, put on by Virus Bulletin.
This isn’t three days of drinking and partying.  Well, okay. This is Texas,  so there will be drinking and partying, after six hours of  daily presentations.  Despite the fact that this is in Texas, there won’t be a plethora of black hats and dinner plate sized belt buckles.  The word "fixin'" will be in short supply. There also won’t be a lot of “boot skootin’” at the evening events.  A higher probability of gangnam style dancing, perhaps, at the cabaret the second evening of the conference.

Attendees at the event  will have  a selection of  presentations , each day of the  three day conference from customers, academia, and vendors, Topics include -  “On temporal drift in malware families”, “how to test properly: comparative web filter tests”,  “a little bit about the freemium  phenomenon from the proud beer  provider” (gotta love  Czech Republic based Avast Pivo, prosim!), “Linux mass infection tools”,  “Identifying social malware”, and “Russian hackers, proxy  resellers, and rootkits”. Attendees will have their choice of about sixteen presentations daily, as well as having time to chat with vendors sponsoring the event.  These aren’t sales presentations! The conference program caters to both technical and corporate audiences.  The link below  leads to abstracts of this year’s presentations. 

Gratuitous plug for the Platinum Sponsors - Avast, ESET, and Qihoo 360.  

All attending will have an educational time.  Next year’s event will be in Barcelona.

More than one company has been “surprised” by failing Virus Bulletin’s VB100 test (done several times per year).  In fact, some major vendors no longer participate.  Virus Bulletin also puts out a Reactive and Proactive RAP Averages quadrant four times annually, plotting Reactive Detection versus Proactive Detection.  In addition, people who look at this may be surprised to see that the major vendors aren’t necessarily the best performing.  You won’t find Symantec or Trend Micro on this chart. 

Virus Bulletin www.virusbtn.com
Virus Bulletin focuses its efforts in three main areas: a monthly magazine, an annual conference, and bimonthly product certification.  

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