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September 2012 OPSWAT Report on Worldwide Security Industry Market Share Analysis

OPSWAT Inc. has released their September 2012 report, “Security Industry Market Share Analysis”.  The data OPSWAT used was collected between August 16, 2011 and August 15, 2012.  It's worthwhile to check out the detailed report.  You can also learn more about OPSWAT, their reports, products and some free tools they have available.

There were some  changes in the order of the top five in the September Market Share Analysis.  Avira regained a position in the top five while AVG Technologies dropped out.  Globally, over the last six months, AVG Technologies had the largest loss in market share with about 1.4% (note, a company can gain in seats and still lose market share), and Avira the largest gain, with just fewer than 2%.  A couple of nice graphics illustrate market share and gain/loss for both the Global and North Americamarkets.  The detailed report has a listing of the top 10.  These top 10 have 89% of the market, according to OPSWAT.

Antivirus Worldwide Vendor Market Share September – OPSWAT
  1. 17.5% - Avast
  2. 13.9% - Microsoft
  3. 12.1% - Avira
  4. 10.6% - Eset
  5. 10.2% - AVG Technologies
Antivirus Worldwide Vendor Market Share June 2012 - OPSWAT
  1. 17.4% - Avast
  2. 13.2% - Microsoft
  3. 11.1% - Eset
  4. 10.3% - Symantec
  5. 10.1% - AVG Technologies

AV Products Worldwide Market Share

Avast and Microsoft were first and second with respect to global market share with 13.8% and 13.6%, respectively.  Avira was 3rd with 10%.  As with the other lists, OPWSWAT lists the top ten.  The top ten had 81% of the market.

North America Vendor Share

Microsoft led   the other vendors    with respect to market share at 26.7%.  Symantec was second at 15.7% and Avast 3rd at 11.1%.  The top 10 vendors have 89.5% of the market in North America.

There has to be a story behind Avast cancelling their initial public offering since they continue to be in a leading position among the three A’s, AVG Technologies, Avast, and Avira,  when it comes to market share.  Note that this is defined as installed base, not revenue. 

The cone of shame for that timeframe from the bottom up was from Ahnlab, Webroot, and PC Tools.
The major players are in the process of running out their Antivirus 2013 and Internet Security 2013 suites.  Depending on how these are received, the order may be changing over time.

Antivirus Usage, Real Time Protection, System Scan and Updates

Opswat also provides some interesting data on the major vendors from the perspective of – percentage of those with Real Time Protection (RTP) enabled (Microsoft Wins), Average Time since Last Definition Update (Microsoft) and Average Time since Last Full System Scan (Microsoft).  Where this data is somewhat funky is that users can define when they want a full system scan, for example. 

But Wait, There’s More!  Operating Systems Share

Windows 7 has 51.9% of the worldwide market, and 46.6% of the North America Market.  See the report.  Windows XP is just under 39% in both cases. 

But Wait, There’s More!  OPSWAT Products

Read the report for blurbs on the OESIS Framwork, AppRemover, Multi-Scanning solutions, the GEARS cloud-based endpoint management and monitoring solution, and the Secure Virtual Desktop (SVD).

AV¬-Comparative Testing 

The market   share leaders aren’t always the top rated ones in testing.  From the AV-Comparative March through June 2012 report, “Whole Product Dynamic ‘Real World’ Protection Test, for example,  the top five products were from    BitDefender, G Data, Kaspersky Qihoo, and F-Secure.  The June through August online graphic has the order as Kaspersky, QiHoo, BitDefender, Avira, and F-Secure. 

About OPSWAT  www.opswat.com  

Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in software management SDKs, interoperability certification, and multiple-engine scanning solutions. 

OPSWAT market share reports are available at http://www.opswat.com/media/reports  


AV-Comparatives is an Austrian Non-Profit-Organization, which provides independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public.  www.av-comparatives.org

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