Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Lighter Look at RSA 2013 San Francisco

RSA 2013 San Francisco was well attended.  There were over twenty thousand attendees.  Over 350 vendors participated in the trade show portion AhnLab owned the view from outside Moscone Center with flags promoting  their presence at the event.  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the featured keynote speaker, the last day of event.   You know you’ve been in security for awhile when you go to one booth and recognize a few people that you’ve worked with, at different companies.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), seemed to be the acronym du jour for RSA 2013 San Francisco this year.  There were a number of firewall vendors, as well.  Websense had a huge wall touting the results of a Miercom   test with their Web Security Gateway Anywhere appliance, versus a handful of competitors.  In looking at 2.26 million URLs, they identified and blocked over 132 thousand bad URLs.  The least effective result was achieved by FireEye who blocked 171 with their Web MPS 1300 appliance.  The report is available on the Websense web site.  Other companies in the test included Blue Coat, Cisco IronPort, and McAfee.  Germany had a pavilion with a number of companies.  China did as well.  Huawei,  from China, had a large booth in the corner of the exhibition hall.  No 60 Minute people were around.  The usual antivirus and internet security vendors were present; Trend Micro, McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, and ESET were there. NSS was distributing their latest firewall report.  WatchGuard was probably not pleased with the result.

However, enough about security.  What were the tchotchkes like?  Dentists appeared to sponsor many of the giveaways, since candy was rampant.  The usual pens and stress balls were all over the place.  More than a handful of booths were giving away quite nice water bottles.  Three motorcycles, including a Harley Davidson, were being given away.  The event was lighter than usual on tee shirts this year, but they were available at the Check Point, Kaspersky, AhnLab, and Trend Micro booths.  .  AhnLab had a slot machine with the grand prize being $10 thousand.  Light sabers were being given away.  A wookie and Leia (cinnabon hairstyle and all) were hanging in one booth along with the white storm troopers.   

There was a huge line for autographed copies of Kevin Mitnick’s latest book, The Art of Deception.  Likewise for Bruce Schneier and his latest book.  A $35 mini speaker was another giveaway at one booth, a company branded Rubik’s cube at another.  One company gave away a 3 feet long remote control helicopter at the end of each presentation.  Very cool.  Copious amounts of food and alcohol was served Monday evening during the two-hour preview to the show.  One company had a box to put one of your tchotchkes in.  A lucky person was going to win the whole box.  Seinfeld’s “no soup for you” guy was at the show for people wanting to have their picture taken with him.  Kaspersky himself showed up at the Kaspersky booth.  The Kaspersky  booth was serving most excellent kaspertinis at the show on Wednesday.  Bravilna.

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