Monday, November 21, 2011

October 2011 Whole Product Dynamic Test

The top five products in the and the "Whole Product Dynamic Real World Test” - October 2011 has some major antivirus and internet security suite vendors switching positions. Only two of the top five from September remained in the top five. The top ones – G Data, Kaspersky, Qihoo, Symantec, and BitDefender. Webroot, PC-Tools, and Avast were the “bottom” performers, rounding out the bottom three. Avira was the top free performer. Blahopřeji.

October Results AV– Whole Product Dynamic Test

1. 99.6 – G Data
2. 99.6 – Kaspersky
3. 99.6 - Qihoo
4. 99.6 – Symantec
5. 99.4 – BitDefender

“Compromised” was the tiebreaker in the above.

September Results Whole Product Dynamic Test

1. 99.7 – BitDefender
2. 99.0 – F-Secure
3. 98.8 – Trend Micros
4. 98.7 – McAfee
5. 98.7 - Symantec

To see complete results for October (twelve more vendors), go to and view the monthly report. More important though, are results over a period of time. You can play with the interactive report.

And the Next Security IPO is…

You know what it means in the United States when holiday decorations start appearing in malls. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the IPO rumor mill starts up again. November 17 blog - And the next IT security IPO is… . What do you believe the prospectus (sic) are?

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