Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RSA Conference 2011 – February 15th, a Light Look

Messaging, presentations et cetera to be discussed on another blog.

Booth traffic in general was okay. This was the first full day of the exhibition. Extravagance of the booths was definitely toned down as opposed to pre dot com bust.

Tchotchkes - Candy. T-shirts (including an 'IT happens' one), pens,light pens, one eyed plastic creatures, stress capital domes, blinking 'ice cubes', stress balls. Single chapter “IT Topic (fill in the blank) for Dummies”. Next level up, drawings for software for the people attending the presentation, some ear buds, gift cards. iPads are the end of the day giveaway du jour. Grand prize giveaways. A two-person car and a Harley.

Booth activities – the usual talks, magicians. Game show contests. Sliders while watching the preso. Watch a virus being constructed. Whack a something games. Small car racing.

For lack of a better term – “Trade show hostesses”. One booth had male and female pirates. Blue wigs. Spangled short dresses. Shoes that look way too high to wear. Bay Watch type hostesses. These were the “can we scan your badge?” for hire people.

RSA attendees. Pay a buck. Buy the twice-monthly Street Sheet from the street person who walks up with the paper. He/she gets to keep the money.

Parties – Put on by both larger and smaller companies. “W” is still the place to meet. Voltage Security event at Fang’s. Packed. Great food and martinis.

Palo Alto Network event at Jillian’s. Packed. Ronnie Lott, former 49er great there to take pictures with.

Ruby Skye event sponsored by CA. Lighter in attendance. Dancers with neon hula-hoops and on stilts were interesting. As was the juggler.

SC Magazine Awards 2011 (US) winners are being announced Tuesday night. The Info Security Products Guide 2011 Global Product Excellence awards will be given out the evening of February 16.

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