Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PC World, PC Magazine, and Internet Security Suite 2011 Results in One Table

The table below consolidates the summary scores of PC World’s “Battle of the Security Superpowers”, PC Magazine’s "Best Security Suites for 2011”, and’s Best Internet Security suites round-ups into a single table.

This table should be looked at in conjunction with the round-ups by the three publications .The PC Magazine "Best Security Suites for 2011" reviews also contain links to comprehensive malware blocking, malware removal, antispam, antiphishing, and performance (boot time, browsing, file move/copy Windows Installer, zip/unzip) charts. One of the below links for PC World shows a comprehensive table summarizing the scores for all the tests in their round up. Within the article, there are a number of links to reports by

The first column is the ranking that PC World gave the internet security products. In almost all cases, PC World was more generous in their scoring than PC Magazine. The largest differential was 1.50 with PC Tools Internet Security Suite 2011. This may be because the reviewer found that PC Tools missed a number of phishing sites, the suite's firewall, its antispam capabilities, and that malware interfered with the installation on one system. PCW = PC World, PCM = PC Magazine. The last three columns are the rankings and scores from The scores are out of 6. Where shown, the final average table is the average from all three publications. In these cases, a perfect score would be 5.33.

This table doesn't include Kaspersky Pure Total Security which received 4 stars in a February 2 PC Magazine review by Neil Rubenking.,2817,2378961,00.asp

Webroot Internet Security Essentials was ranked 8 by with a score of 4.25

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