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AV-Comparatives Mac Security Test and Review – July 2015

Austria-based AV-Comparatives  has released the results of their Mac Security Test and Review, July 2015. This report   evaluates ten products users can license for their Mac systems. Products tested were a combination of free and paid solutions. Overall, nine of the products reviewed received AV-Comparative’s Approved Security Product award. 

Malware Tests

Seven of the ten products scored 100% in the Mac Malware Protection Test. None of the tested products scored lower than 98%.

Many Mac security vendors claim that their products detect Windows malware as well as Mac malware. In the Windows Malware Detection Test, seven of the ten products scored 100%. While Macs cannot be infected by these files, the Macs can distribute them, hence the value of testing with Windows malware.

Mac Review and Usability Test

AV-Comparatives used the following criteria in compiling their 64-page review. The appendix provides a comparative checklist that summarizes protection, features, and support for each product. For the test, evaluators use the following as a guideline:

•    Product version reviewed
•    Operating systems supported
•    Additional features
•    Installation
•    Main window
•    Operating system integration
•    Maintenance
•    Non-administrator access
•    Scanning
•    Settings quarantine and logs
•    Malware and phishing alerts
•    Help

 “Our Mac Security Test and Review document comprises a comprehensive evaluation of the ten products we tested,” said Andreas Clementi. “It’s a valuable document that should help enable users to determine which product is the best for their needs. Mac products are not immune from infection by malware, contrary to the belief held by many individuals.  Users consider performing  their own examination of a few products, where 30-day evaluations are available. We don’t recommend not using a security product!”

A more complete list of antivirus programs for the Mac is available at:

AV-Comparatives performs af  number of tests  over the course of the year. Reports can be downloaded from the company website at:  Their “Real World Protection Test March – June 2015” can be found here. Products from Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Avira were the top three in this test.  

The Mac Security Test and Review can be found at:

About AV-Comparatives

AV-Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing that checks whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance that is globally recognized.

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