Wednesday, January 29, 2014

OPSWAT Market Share Analysis of Antivirus, Public File Sharing and Threat Detection - January 2014


San Francisco based software company OPSWAT has released their January 2014 Market Share Analysis of Antivirus, Public File Sharing and Threat Detection.

The top 5 vendors on the OPSWAT report were (Vendor market share) 

  1. 23.0% - Microsoft
  2. 15.9% - Avast
  3. 8.9% - AVG
  4. 8.1% - ESET
  5. 8.0% - Symantec

One interesting product that differs from the others are the offerings from Malwarebytes.  OPSWAT found that Among Malwarebytes users (4.2% share), more than 93% have another product installed, compared to 24% of users of other products.  This indicates that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro are largely used as supplemental products to add additional security to a protected device.  All devices in this data set have at least one antivirus product installed.

Using their GEAR technology, OPSWAT looked at detected threats on the endpoint that had AV installed and found that 4.7% had over 10 perceived threats. “The new section in this report that focuses on perceived threats detected by the installed antivirus software provides interesting new data about how actively antivirus products are protecting users, commented OPSWAT employee Alec Stokes. "We’re excited to dive more into this analysis in future reports.”

Other statistics contained within the report include (and more):
  • Public file sharing files installed
  • Hard drive usage
  • Operating systems share


OPSWAT’s many reports are available at

OPSWAT has a number of “paid products” as well as a free app remover utility.


OPSWAT is a San Francisco based software company that provides solutions to secure and manage IT infrastructure.  Founded in 2002, OPSWAT delivers solutions that provide manageability of endpoints and networks, and that help organizations protect against zero day attacks by using multiple antivirus engines scanning and file filtering.  OPSWAT’s intuitive applications and comprehensive development kits are deployed by SMB, enterprise, and OEM customers to more than ­million endpoints worldwide.


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