Tuesday, February 12, 2013

RSA 2013 San Francisco - Where the World Talks Security

The RSA 2013 San Francisco security trade show  takes place  at Moscone Center February 25 through March 1.  “Where the World Talks Security” is the theme of this year’s show.  http://www.rsaconference.com/events/2013/usa/index.htm
Near the bottom of this blog is information on getting a free RSA  pass (exhibition hall) from Ahnlab, Zscaler, or Sophos.

The show has grown in size, with over 350 companies exhibiting.  The exhibition hall area will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 11am to 6pm (3pm on Thursday) for individuals with a full conference pass; there will be 275 different sessions to attend across 22 tracks.  Threats are evolving.  The cyber criminals are getting more creative. 

Up until several years ago, if you said “APT”, the brightest people in the room would say, “Advanced Placement Test.”  Now they are saying, “Advanced Persistent Threat.”  A number of security pundits are saying that traditional defenses are ineffective against today’s more sophisticated threats.  Here is your chance to learn about what companies are doing to protect individuals and companies against these. 

A number of security vendors may not have booths.  Look for stealthy meetings to be held at the bar area at the W Hotel, and way too many luncheons to at the Thirsty Bear Brewery on Howard street.  Some stealthy meetings may be held as far away as the Clift Hotel. 

For those just going for the exhibits, a great number of vendors always have   presentation theatres in their booth areas.  These can be quite educational, as well.  Exhibition pass holders are able to attend the keynotes Tuesday through Friday, I believe.  There are a number of keynote addresses at RSA 2013.  The final keynote this year will be 66th Secretary of the United States, Condoleezza Rice, on Friday afternoon.   Go to the RSA site to learn about what talks are being give, and who the other keynote speakers are. 

Thursday is the least crowded day in the Exhibition Hall, as vendors will go through the ceremonial exchanging of the tchotchkes with other vendors.  Before going on your own personal tchotchke run, ask yourself, “Do I really need another 15 trade show tee shirts?”  If you do not attend on Tuesday, you will miss the libations being served during the last hour on the first day the exhibition hall is open.

Sponsors for this Year’s RSA 2013 San Francisco

Global Diamond Sponsors – Microsoft, Symantec, and RSA.  Global Platinum Sponsors, Akamai, and Qualys, Global Gold Sponsors – FireEye, splunk, and SafeNet, Platinum Sponsors – Cisco, McAfee, HP, and TrustWave.  There are also Gold and Silver sponsor levels as well.  Visit their booths. Travel the perimeter to view products from companies who lack the budget of the larger companies, may just be starting out, but may also have great products.    

This is your chance to attend a talk by a smaller vendor, then go to a larger vendor and ask, “Can you do A, B, and C?  This smaller vendor can.”    Asking a larger vendor why their products didn’t test as well on the tests performed by  www.virusbtn.com , www.AV-Test.org   and www.AV-comparatives.org  will not get you to the front of the line for any booth giveaways.  At the show, you may be able to view products that range from not so hot, to avg,  to pretty incredible.

Award Events Not Affiliated with RSA But Being Held That Week

SC Magazine will be presenting their SC Awards 2013 Reader Trust, Excellence, and Professional Awards   at a dinner on February 26. There are  over 34 categories this year.  To see a list of some of the finalists, go to http://kensek.blogspot.com/2012/02/sc-magazine-awards-2012-winners_29.html
Info Security Products Guide will be presenting their 2013 Global Industry excellence awards at a dinner on February 27.  To see a list   of the finalists for this award, go to http://www.infosecurityproductsguide.com/excellence/index.html
For the recipients of either these awards - Bragging rights, Product and company recognition, Marketing and promotion opportunities, Logos for their web site.  With a fair degree of certainty,  rest assured that those who have won the previous year but not this year, will not quickly be removing their logos from the web.   sites.

Free Pass – RSA 2013 San Francisco

Entering FXE13AHN at the link below will get you a free RSA 2013 exhibition hall pass.  Stop by the Ahnlab booth, learn about APTs, and tell Ahnlab  thank you.  FX13SPH at the link below will get you a free RSA  2013 exhibition hall pass.  Stop by the Sophos booth and tell them thank you.  As will FXE13ZSC.  Stop by the Zscaler booth and tell them thank you. Expires February 22.

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