Friday, November 02, 2012

Tolly Issues Reports on Huawei Access Point Performance versus Cisco, and Huawei Enterprise Router Throughput

The Tolly Group has released two reports comparing the  Huawei Access Point solutions to comparable products from Cisco.  Huawei commissioned these reports.  One guess as to which company came out ahead!  They also released a throughput report on four of Huawei's router products.  The timing of the release of these reports is interesting given the press Huawei has received in the past couple of months in the US press.

The three reports were issued in early November. 

  • Huawei AP7110 WLAN Access Point Rate/Range Performance Evaluation vs. Cisco Aironet 3602i AP. Document 212142
  • Huawei AP6010 WLAN Access Point Performance Evaluation vs. Cisco Aironet 3502i AP. Document 212143
  • Huawei AR G3 Series Enterprise Routers GbE and 10GbE Forwarding and IPsec Throughput.  Document 212140.  This document isn’t a competitor comparative document. The report  measures performance of four of Huawei’s routers.  
The Access Point  reports found the Huawei products to provide consistently higher  single and multi client throughputs at the distances tested. In general, the delta was higher as the distance increased.

These are valid reports. Quite concise.  Tolly explains in detail the test methodology results.  Vendors work with Tolly on the test plan defining what they wish to be tested. The results “are what they are”.  If the vendor is unhappy with the report, the report may never be see the light of day.

So why would a vendor commission these studies?  Third party validation.  Bandwidth.  Tolly may find it easier to get assistance from a third party if they have technical questions.  Cisco didn’t appear to have been involved with these tests.  From the test report, “In accordance with Tolly’s Fair Testing Charter, Tolly personnel invited representatives from Cisco Systems to review the testing.  Cisco did not respond to the invitation to participate in the evaluation and review the test plan.”

According to Tolly Group, over 65% of the Fortune 100 utilize Tolly reports.  A  huge number of reports are available for free to registered users.

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