Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Secure Web Gateway Market Heating Up – Websense Version 7.7

The Secure Web Gateway market is livening up.  On Monday, San Diego based Websense announced Version 7.7 of Websense Triton and their Websense   Secure Web Gateway.  They state that their Websense Triton solution is the first to provide data-aware defenses necessary to prevent the advanced attacks that lead to data theft.

Websense also announced that the 7.7 release contains 10 new advanced malware and data theft advances, including spear phishing protection with cloud sandboxing, and a new forensic reporting dashboard with in-depth security intelligence.

These new defenses also  include    detecting criminal encrypted uploads; advanced malware payloads and command-and-control recognition; optical character recognition (OCR) of text within images for data-in-motion; drip (stateful) DLP detection; password file theft detection; and geolocation awareness.  These are powered by   Websense’s real-time inline ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) security engine and Websense’s imbedded Data Loss Prevention (DLP) engine.
Spear phishing protection with cloud sandboxing is part of the arsenal.  Websense's   cloud sandboxing capability identifies suspicious links in emails for real time analysis.  When email recipients click on an embedded URL, Websense analyzes the website content and browser code in real time, in a cloud environment, to ensure safety in any location at any time.

The Websense TRITON Advanced Malware Threat dashboard   profiles security incidents, provides in-depth forensics, and data theft capture.  With severity levels and the ability to export incidents to SIEM solutions, Websense users know who was attacked, how the attacks function, where those communications were being sent, and what data was targeted.

Blue Coat Systems is promoting that their   Unified Web Security Solution, combining cloud services and on-premise appliances delivers the “No Boundaries, Always On protection”.  The cornerstone of their protection, their Secure Web Gateway appliance(s) (ProxySG) and their real-time WebPulse technology, a defense that utilizes   the information provided by 75 million users. 

Historically, Blue Coat has been an appliance-focused company.  They are now more heavily promoting their hybrid and cloud technology, due in large part to San Jose, CA based Zscaler.  Blue Coat  introduced their Unified Web Security Solution in March and are now more heavily promoting their cloud service, along with a 30-day trial.

According to the Gartner “Market Share: Security Software, Worldwide, 2011 Report (March 29, 2012), Inc., Blue Coat is the leader with 17 percent of the $1.95 billion Secure Web Gateway market.  This combines both appliances and software solutions.  In the appliance segment of the market, Blue Coat has about  44 percent of the market, leading its closest competitor by more than 30 percentage points.

Zscaler is the cloud-based canon in the mix.  Actually, they use a jet in their imagery.  Zscaler offers a pure cloud based solution.   They dislike hardware and consider Capex (Capital expenditure) to be a four letter word. They’re   the newcomer to the Leader’s portion of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways.  Gartner considers them the Leader with respect to Completeness of Vision.  Cisco is given credit for having the best Ability to Execute, with Blue Coat and Websense sandwiched between the two.  Mc.Afee is  off to the left in the Leader portion of the Magic Quadrant.

The Zscaler  message – “Attention  all Blue Coat Customers, if you’re  the victim of underperforming proxies lacking sufficient security or if you have lost budget support  due to the high cost of multiple appliances, call the Zscaler Security Help Line.”  They offer five flavors of cloud based web security suites  Add on’s include email protection, mobile protection, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

One of their promotions has been to offer their solution free for six months to prospects.  The focus being on Blue Coat customers.

So where will this play out?  Blue Coat is 20% leaner and meaner, following their purchase by equity investment firm Thoma Bravo.  They have a hybrid solution.  They have a cloud solution.  They haven’t done a great job of promoting these.  They have a leading WAN solution but that merits a separate discussion. 

It should be an interesting summer for these companies.

Websense has upgraded their product line.  Their solutions have been available as appliances, SaaS, software,  and a Hybrid.  Like Zscaler, they offer email security, as well.  This is a hole in the Blue Coat product line.

Zscaler has their sight on Blue Coat, almost exclusively. They want share. They have a reputation for playing a bit loose regarding number of data centers around the world. But,  hey! It's marketing.   Blue Coat and Websense go after each other.  McAfee and Cisco, the other two companies in the Leaders portion of the quadrant, are relatively quiet in comparison.  Not quite in the shadows – Barracuda Networks, whose strategy tends to be to deliver the low cost solution. Also, Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto Networks’  Next Generation Firewall provides filtering and like Websense,   automated sandbox analysis of suspicious files.  They also provide limited DLP protection, as well. They are now starting to move forward on the plans to go public.
Application control is a topic for another blog. 

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