Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 2012 OPSWAT Report on Worldwide Security Industry Market Share Analysis

OPSWAT Inc. has released  their June 2012 report,  “Security Industry Market Share Analysis”.  The data OPSWAT used was collected between May 16, 2011 and May 15, 2012.  It's worthwhile to check out the detailed report.  You can also learn a bit more about OPSWAT, their reports, products  and some free  tools they have available

There were some major changes in  the order of the top five over the last several months.  Avira fell out of the top five.  Microsoft and ESET moved up.  Symantec entered the top five and AVG Technologies dropped from third to fifth.  Globally, over the last six months, AVG Technologies had the largest loss in market share with about 2%, and ESET the largest gain, with about 2%.  A couple of nice graphics illustrate market share and gain/loss for both global and North America.  The detailed report has a listing of the top 10.  These top 10 have 89% of the market, according to OPSWAT.

Avast must be pleased where they are in the rankings as they prepare   for their IPO (Initial Public Offering).  They claim an installed base of over 189 million end points. Market share is important. That's where the revenue comes from. A  party may be in order. Live music by the Czech band Monkey Business, perhaps.

Antivirus Worldwide Vendor Market Share June 2012 - OPSWAT
  1. 17.4% - Avast
  2. 13.2% - Microsoft
  3. 11.1% - Eset
  4. 10.3% - Symantec
  5. 10.1% - AVG Technologies
Worldwide Security Industry Market Share Leaders March 2012
  1. 16.3% - Avast
  2. 11.7% - Avira
  3. 11.0% - AVG Technologies
  4. 10.1% - Microsoft
  5. 10.1% - Eset
AV Products Worldwide Market Share

Microsoft Security Essentials has a dominant percent of the market in this with 21.3%, followed by Avast Free Antivirus and AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition with 8.2%, and 7.7%, respectively.  Again, the OPSWAT report lists the top ten.

You’ll also want to check out the Security Industry Market Share Analysis report for Worldwide and North America Operating System market share.

As always, the market share leaders aren’t always the top rated ones in testing.  From the AV-Comparatives March 2012 report,  “On-demand Detection of Malicious Software”,    G Data and Avira were first and second correspondingly, with 3 stars.  Symantec didn’t participate.  Twenty vendors are in this report.  For the vendors listed above, where they ranked on the award levels table and the number of stars awarded:

10. Avast - 3 stars
11. ESET – 3 stars
16. AVG Technologies - 1 star
17. Microsoft – 1star (had the fewest false positives)

Go to AV-Comparatives'  Report "On Demand Detection of Malicious Software" (On demand comparative) - March 2012 for details. 

Also, BitDefender scored higher than all the other vendors tested in a March/April report published by  BitDefender scored with 17 out of 18 possible points.  With respect to OPSWAT market share, though, they are in “Other”.

The OPSWAT report also contains information about Windows Operating System Deployments, and Backup (client and vendor) market share.  A nice, free (!) report.  Well worth checking out.  The AV-comparatives report mentioned above is free, as well.

Founded in 2002, OPSWAT is the industry leader in soft¬ware management SDKs, interoperability certification, and multiple-engine scanning solutions. 

OPSWAT market share reports are available at

AV-Comparatives is an Austrian Non-Profit-Organization, which provides independent Anti-Virus software tests free to the public.

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