Sunday, January 29, 2012

RSA Conference 2012 San Francisco – SC Magazine Awards 2012 Coming to San Francisco

We're now less that a month until RSA Conference San Francisco, running February 27 through March 2. The theme, The Great Cipher, Mightier than the Sword". Free seminars, training, keynote speakers such as former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair, the Expo Hall Pub Crawl, the Codebreakers Ball, and tchotchkes! The event is great for training, to get an advance look at what may be coming up in the trade, and to network with all those people you used to work with at other security vendors.

Visit during RSA Conference San Francisco for at least one “view from the floor” update.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

• When was the last time you even used a pen, with the exception of signing a bill at a restaurant? So why are you standing in line for one or collecting them?
• That t-shirt you’re debating to attend the presentation to obtain will not impress people at your health club
• The woman walking up to you in very high heels and a LBD. She only wants you for your scannable info
• Turning your badge over prior to asking questions at a booth screams, “I work for a competitor and think that this will hide my identity.”
• Go to or to look for places to munch at around Moscone
• If you are working the booth and someone is chatting with you while looking side to side or down: the former, according to neurolinguistic programming, means they are an auditory, the latter, means kinesthetic. At a trade show, it means either they are looking at the people you hired to be in the booth or they are looking for the tchotchkes.
• One letter – “W”. If you have to ask why, you may want to go back to Moscone and attend another seminar or gather some more tchotchkes

Also held during RSA, but not part of it, are the SC Magazine 2012 Awards. These are February 28 Intercontinental Hotel on 888 Howard Street (just down the block from RSA Conference 2012 and the Moscone Convention Center) in San Francisco.

To view some of the finalists for the SC Magazine Awards 2012 - or a comprehensive list at

Free Pass

For information on acquiring a free pass for the exhibitors hall -

Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization Meeting During RSA

Coinciding with RSA, on February 23-24, the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization ( will be having a members meeting. According to their website, `The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) is as an international non-profit association that focuses on the addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies. AMTSO membership is open to academics, reviewers, publications, testers and vendors, subject to guidelines determined by AMTSO. The site is also a great resource for free documents on testing guidelines and best practices.

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