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June 2011 OPSWAT Report on Worldwide Antivirus Application Market Share

OPSWAT Inc. has published their report on “Security Industry Market Share Analysis”. The results may not mesh completely with the results published by the vendors themselves (surprise!). The data OPSWAT used was collected between March 23, 2011 and May 15, 2011.

Worldwide Market Share Leaders – Companies

The top 3 companies with respect to worldwide market share were

• Avast Software – 12.37% (1st in March report)
• AVG Technologies – 12.37% (3rd in March report)
• Avira – 12.29% (2nd in March report)

Avast had around a 4% drop between the March and June report. Ouch! Microsoft showed a similar gain over the last reporting period.

The table in the document lists the top 15. Microsoft leads in North America vendor market share with 17.07%. Other companies in the top 15 in the worldwide market share table include, Microsoft, Eset, Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee, and Panda.

Worldwide Market Share Leaders - Product

• Microsoft Security Essentials – 10.66% (was 3rd in March report)
• Avira Antivir Personal – 10.18% (was 2nd in March report)
• Avast Free Antivirus – 8.66% (was 1st in March report)

The table in the report contains the top 15. Microsoft leads in North American Antivirus product market share with 15.68%. This was a substantial increase over March’s 10.2%.

The report also contains information about Windows Operating System Deployments, and Instant Messenger market share.

Large Number of Vendors but Consolidated Industry

According to OPSWAT, in North America, fifty-one different antivirus vendors were detected. The top five of those vendors combined to control 62.80% of the antivirus market. The worldwide market is slightly more distributed, with sixty-two vendors and 58.25% of the antivirus market controlled by the top five vendors.

Opswat Market Share Reports

Opswat market share reports are available at http://www.opswat.com/media/reports


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