Sunday, May 08, 2011

Interop Las Vegas 2011 - II

Attendees and vendors have started to flow in to Las Vegas for Interop Las Vegas 2011. Should have placed “something” on the Mavericks. Monday is the big set-up day for exhibitors. The exhibition part of Interop is Tuesday through part of Thursday with Thursday afternoon being when the “trading of the tchtotchkes” among vendors will occur. For those who haven’t tired of that yet.

In perusing titles of presentations to see what the key topics will be, “cloud” does appear to be one of them. Of course, having its own track does give cloud an advantage. .

The first keynote at Interop Las Vegas on Tuesday also points in the direct of cloud, cloud computing, and cloud security being hot topics. “Change the Rules of Networking to Enable the Cloud” is the topic by Hewlett Packard’s Dave Donatelli. Microsoft’s Zane Adams will be speaking on “Public Cloud: The Transformational Opportunities Ahead" on Tuesday. .

Correction to previous blog. Symantec does not have a formal booth presence at Interop Las Vegas. Under Huawei Symantec, yes. . Comodo, voted the top free Internet Security Suites in a decidedly unscientific poll by will be present in booth 757. That’s 2/3 of a very popular number in Las Vegas. . The Czech Trade Promotion Agency has a booth presence at Interop Las Vegas to promote international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign companies. Booth 1965-D.

No IPO (initial public offering) sharks seen today. The only visible sharks were the ones in the Mandalay Bay Shark Exhibit. The first Interop Las Vegas package arrived under the door Sunday evening. There will be more.

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