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OPSWAT Report on Worldwide Antivirus Application Market Share – Most Downloaded Free Antivirus in 2010?

OPSWAT has released their quarterly “Security Industry Market Share Study” for Q4 2010. The data was collected between August 16 and November 15. These are antivirus deployments.

Worldwide Antivirus Vendor Market Share

Below are the top five vendors with respect to worldwide antivirus market share from the OPSWAT report. Fifteen products total are in this particular table. Of the five products below, ESET, AVG Technologies and Kaspersky showed gains from the June report.

• Avast Software - 17.5%
• ESET Software - 12.1%
• Symantec - 10.0%
• AVG Technologies - 9.7%
• Kaspersky Labs - 8.4%

Worldwide Antivirus Product Market Share

Below are the top five products from the OPSWAT report. Twenty-five products total are in this particular table in the complete report.

• Avast Free Antivirus - 11.7%
• Microsoft Security Essentials (AV) - 7.8%
• ESET NOD32 Antivirus - 7.4%
• Avira Antivir Personal, Free - 6.6%
• AVG Antivirus Free - 5.7%

It’s worth obtaining the eight-page report, to see the additional details on North America market share separately as well as more comprehensive tables and details on share loss/gain over the previous six months. There are also tables on Windows Operating Systems Deployments and Back-up Market Share. Data was collected from a sample of the estimated 100 million endpoints that employ the OESIS Framework. OPSWAT analyzed almost ninety thousand opt-in reports that were submitted between August 16 2010 and November 15 2010.


Founded in 2002, OPSWAT ( provides software engineers and IT pros with software development tools and data services to power manageability and security solutions.

The “Security Industry Market Share” report for Q4 is available at

Most Downloaded Free Antivirus Product in 2010?

CNET has AVG Technologies’ AVG Antivirus Free Edition as the most downloaded with 84 million downloads, followed by Avast Free Antivirus and Avira AntiVir Personal Free Antivirus. This is just one download site, however.

Avast tallied the data from,,,, in France, in Italy, in Germany, in Poland, in Russia, and in Brazil, among others.

When the downloads for these were tallied, Avast was first with 141 million downloads. AVG Technologies and Avira followed with 132 million and 105 million respectively.

CNET and User Ratings of the Top Three Downloads For Free Antivirus

In alphabetical order, below are the ratings for the top three CNET downloads. The scores are out of five. Editor Rating/User Ratings

Avast Free Antivirus - 5.0/4.5
AVG Antivirus Free Edition - 4.5/4.0
Avira Antivir Personal - 4.5/4.0

In the greater scheme of things, it is the installed base that’s important. Free SW has no switching costs and is disposable. It’s what’s on the pc and/or laptop at the end of the day that’s important. A product can be downloaded, used for one day and then uninstalled. Low churn is good. Migration to paid products where revenue is generated is even better. Shareholders and potential investors in an IPO (Initial Public Offering) may be interested in cash flow since that’s what dividends are paid out of.

With respect to installed base, in a recent blog, an AVG Technologies exec mentioned 110 million (this has been fairly constant for awhile). Avira has mentioned 100 million. In Q4, Avast stated that they have reached 135 million. As 2011 begins, Avast seems to own bragging rights.


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