Tuesday, November 23, 2010

AV-Comparatives Whole Product Dynamic Test – August through October 2010

AV-Comparatives (www.av-comparatives.org) released their Whole Product Dynamic Test report for August through October 2010 on November 22. 14 AV/Internet Security products are in the report, comprising three months of tests. The products were a mix of 2010 and 2011 releases (and for some of the products changed in September or October) For some products, this may have effected the results. For Kingsoft, the results improved slightly. For AVG, the results were worse. For AVG Technologies, the rate was above 95% for August and September before falling to below 90% for October. Kingsoft and Norman were the only products below 90% for October. A variety of malware was used in the test, with out of the box settings for the products being utilized.

The table below should only be looked at in conjunction with the whole report! Updates to this report will be released regularly. It will be great to see any trends that develop or changes in rankings. The report is available at www.av-comparatives.org.

Key to the below – U signifies the percentage was up (improved) between August and October, S signifies the percentage was the same; D signifies that the percentage was down.

Percent Compromised Ranking for October

----Below 100%----

1U - Symantec
2S - F-Secure
3U - Avast
5S - Kaspersky
6D - Panda
6D - Avira
8D - PC Tools

----Below 95%----

10D - Trend Micro
11U - BitDefender
12D - AVG (above 95% in August)

-----Below 90%-----

13U - Norman
14U - Kingsoft

Six products went up between August and October, two were the same, and six went down.

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