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AVG Internet Security 2011 Review – Rush to Release Part VII

AVG Internet Security 2011 Review – Rush to Release Part VII

Fall 2012 Addendum For a listing of PC Magazine Internet Suite 2012 rankings go to

For a PC Magazine review of AVG Internet Security 2012, go to,2817,2392086,00.asp

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AVG Technologies announced the release of AVG Internet Security 2011 on September 28. This, AVG Anti-Virus 2011, AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011, AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2011, and AVG Internet Security Small Business Edition 2011 and the rest of AVG’s internet security solutions are released. A number of AVG Internet Security 2011 reviews.

AVG Introduces AVG 2011 Enhanced Internet Security Software Suite

Link to PC Magazine ratings of Internet Security 2012 suites

Consumer and Business Free and Paid Offerings Feature Enhancements Based on Community Feedback and Rise in Popularity of Social Networking

AMSTERDAM, September 28, 2010– AVG Technologies, makers of the world’s most popular free anti-virus software, today announced the immediate availability of its newest Internet security suite, AVG 2011. The design of AVG 2011 incorporates feedback from AVG’s global community of more than 110 million users and includes enhanced Web- and social network-protection, among the best detection rates in the industry, ease-of-use and a faster, nimble and more powerful design. AVG 2011 is the company’s most advanced consumer and small business solution to-date.

ck - Much of the emphasis of the release seemed to be on under the hood improvements. For AVG 2011, speed was emphasized,ease of use, and the need to protect people while they perform social networking. Some of Smart Scanning was part of the 2010 (not scanning files on the laptop that had already been scanned, and remained unchanged was part of the 2010 version 9 release) The below is extracted from the press release. Some AVG blogs go into detail as to what is new versus what is enhanced in the product release.

Superior Web Protection – Including Social Network Protection for Facebook and MySpace

Enhanced User Experience - The Simplest and Easiest to Use (including 5 click installations)

Among the Best Detection Rates in the Industry

Social Networking Protection

Community Protection Network

Protective Cloud Technology

Smarter Scanning

Auto-Fix Button

Desktop Widget - Provides quick and simple access to AVG 2011’s main features, as well as relevant news and updates.

Faster, Lighter, and More Powerful

Desktop Widget - Provides access to AVG 2011’s main features, as well as relevant news and updates.

Game Mode - (ck – Actually available in 8.5 and 9.0)

AVG Online Shield™ - Download and share files without risk of infection. Protection while exchanging files through online chat.

Consumer and Business Free and Paid Offerings Feature Enhancements Based on Community Feedback and Rise in Popularity of Social Networking

Social Network Protection - LinkScanner allows users to surf, search, email, shop and use social networks online with the confidence that the pages they surf are not compromised and the places they choose to visit online are safe to enter personal and private information. LinkScanner automatically checks and protects, in real-time, links exchanged within social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.Hassle free, with no configuration required - protection is automatically activated so you’re safe.

Enhanced User Experience - The Simplest and Easiest to Use – single click “Fix It” button. 5 screen install. AVG 2011 includes a “game mode,” which scans and protects users’ computers behind the scenes without interrupting full screen, multi-media applications with pop-up notifications (ck – “game mode was available In 9.0).

Faster, Lighter, and More Powerful - Smart Scanning, a new functionality that learns which files are certified and safe and only scans new, uncertified files on a user’s computer. When AVG 2011 Smart Scanning does scan a user’s computer, it pays attention to the system resources in use and only scans those resources not in use at the time of the scan Smart Scanning (ck – some of this actually introduced in 9.0 and enhanced in 10.0)

For the actual press release, go to

Review Comments on AVG Internet Security PC 2011– PC Magazine

The stars were not shining on AVG Internet Security 2011 from PC Magazine, as it received 2.5 stars out of 5 from PC Magazine’s Neil Rubenking in an October 7th review. CNET’s Seth Rosenblatt was a bit more kind in his review, awarding the product 4 stars.

From PC Magazine (out of 5 stars. The list below is a subset that has been listed in Rush to Release)

• 4.5 – Norton Internet Security 2011 (Editor’s Choice)
• 4.0 – Kaspersky Internet Security 2011
• 4.0 – Webroot Internet Security Complete 2011
• 3.5 – McAfee Total Protection 2011
• 3.5 – Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011
• 3.0 – PC Tools Internet Security 2011
• 3.0 – F-Secure Internet Security 2011
• 3.0 – Panda Internet Security 2011
• 2.5 – AVG Internet Security Suite 2011

For a more complete listing, go to,2806,1639159,00.asp

Overall - From a saving money perspective, Rubenking felt that consumers could do better to match the free antivirus with a free firewall and (Zone Alarm) and spam filter (Cloudmark Desktop One). For customers who wanted to purchase a full desktop suite (with 3 licenses), he suggested Norton or Kaspersky. Links to feature grids of these products (including the companies’ AV offerings are located in the 2011 Internet Security Solution Released section.

On the plus side - High marks from independent antivirus labs. Good malware detection in testing. LinkScanner blocks exploits, malicious sites. Free identity theft recovery service. Includes tune-up utility. Accurate spam filtering. Small effect on system performance. (ck – note that the tune-up utility is a onetime tune-up, AVG has introduced a separate tune up product with this release.)

On the negative side – the product was found less effective at removing malware, and the antiiphisihing and firewall companies were criticized.

Much of the commentary had to do with the fact that so much of the functionality seemed to be contained within the Anti-virus component, with that functionality virtually identical to AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.

Malware Removal – Rubenking felt that the product provided good virus protection, but with incomplete removal. It scored tied for the top in rootkit detection, and about average for malware and keyloggers. It’s worthwhile to individuals to look at the pop-up table “AVG Internet Security 2011 malware removal chart” for details of all 2011 products tested to date.

Malware Blocking – A number of products outperformed Internet Security 2011 in this test. It’s worthwhile for individual to look at the “AVG Internet Security 2011 malware blocking chart”. AVG blocked 78% of the rootkits, for example, while 8 of the 10 products blocked 100%.

Antiphishing and Privacy – AVG scored near the bottom 69% worse than the top product, Norton. Individuals should look at the pop-up for details, “AVG Internet Security 2011 antiphishing chart”

Safe Social Networking - Rubenking complimented (new in this release), the products ability to provide Facebook event notification through the optional toolbar (also provided is 1 year of identity theft recover help through Identity Guard)

AVG PC Tune-Up 2011 - For 24 hours after purchase AVG Internet Security 2011 customers can perform a single tune-up for free. There's also a 24-hour trial period for many of the tune-up tool's additional features. Rubenking recommended taking advantage of the free trial period (ck – some competing products include unlimited PC tune-up capabilities with their internet security product. Readers will have to click on the features grids below for more details)

Firewall – Rubenking talked about the firewall in detail. He had mixed opinions about the firewall finding the Windows firewall fairly adequate. Its program control puts too much reliance on the user's security decisions. In a test he ran using the Core Impact penetration tool, Rubenking found that LinkScanner blocked 2/3 of the exploits while Norton and Kaspersky blocked all of them.

Performance – Rubenking defined performance as including boot time, filing moving/copying among others. He found the product to be about average with the exception of its tie for performance in the boot time test. Readers should go to the article and “AVG Internet Security 2011 performance chart” and comparative details.

For the full review, much more detail and access to all tables (worth looking at!) go to,2817,2370326,00.asp

Review Comments on AVG Internet Security 2011 – CNET

CNET gave AVG Internet Security 2011 4 stars. Seth Rosenblatt complimented the product on faster scan times, shorter install (now 5 clicks), improved usability, and faster scans.

However, he also wrote that “while the premium product does its best to make it worth your while to upgrade, but unless you're regularly in need of support and PC tuning it's hard to justify paying when the efficacy ratings are less than stellar.” He also cited the increased competition between other free and paid security suites.

Installation – Rosenblatt complimented AVG on the fact the reduced number of screens it takes to install the product has been reduced from 13 to 5screens. He also culled out the fact that user installing the

Interface - Found the changes minor but that usability was improved.

One click Fix button for automatically fixing security breaches was complimented in the review as was the One click Scan now button.

Other Features (not comprehensive)

Smart Scanning - Rosenblatt complimented the “smart scanning” feature. This makes use of AVG’s behavioral detection network to scan-known-safe files one and then scan them again if it detects changes. (ck – some of AVG’s competitors utilize a similar technology)

Resource Management – Users can accept a default setting (use resources only when system is idle) or they can adjust it themselves (ck – users always have the option of having scans run at night or when they know they will be away from their system)

Social Networking Protection - Rosenblatt liked this new feature where AVG LinkScanner will scan links posted on Facebook and MySpace.

Telephone Support - Telephone support is offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (ck – available for users of paid products. Probably a result of a combination of competitive pressures and the Walling Data purchase.

New Desktop Widget - for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users. Lets them initiate scans and updates with one click, without having to open the full interface. Contains links to AVG's Twitter and Facebook pages.

Download Scan - Looks at all ports, not just port 80, when checking files sent via instant message.

Performance In CNET's tests, AVG Internet Security 2011 was a bit slower than the median. MS Office performance and Cinebench results were slightly below average, whereas iTunes decoding and media multitasking were slightly faster than average.

For the complete review including a detailed performance table, go to -

Mixed Review from PC Advisor

PC Advisor gave a mixed review AVG Internet Security 2011, awarding the product 3.5 stars out of 5.0.

The summary verdict from PC Advisor was, “AVG Internet Security 2011 offers all the modules you would expect in a comprehensive protection suite, but its annoying habit of trying to sell you additional services, and its tendency to slow your system down during anti-virus scans, make this software less useful than it otherwise would be.” However, they also said,” those who like to configure their own security settings will find a wealth of options to tweak.” They found that AVG Internet Security 2011 provided a full complement of tools and liked the simple to use interface.

PC Advisor’s system took 3 hours to perform an initial scan, which they stated was slow. They may not have understood that scans after the initial scan would be much faster. They found fault with the PC Analyzer module. They were concerned with the number of register errors it found during its system test. It appears that 3 others products they ran against the system found significantly fewer errors. PC Analyzer performs fixes for free the first time. After that there is an annual fee to install and run the product.

For the complete review, go to

The Differences Between AVG Anti-virus Free Edition, AVG Anti-virus and AVG Internet Security 2011

AVG Anti-virus Free Edition 2011 – Anti-Virus, Ant-Spyware, Enhanced Anti-rootkit, New Social Networking Protection, Enhanced LinkScanner

AVG Anti- virus 2011- Adds Online Shield for Safe Download, Online Shield for Safe Chatting

AVG Internet Security Suite 2011 - Adds Identity Protection, Enhanced Firewall, Anti-Spam

For a grid showing the above

Of course, one person’s “great new feature” is another person’s “bloat ware” if they can’t make use of that functionality.

AVG Certifications and Testing (not comprehensive, not 2011 product for AVG, a combination of 2010 and 2011 for the others)

Certifications are typically given for a particular product, version number, and on a specific platform. Organizations will frequently require that the certification logos be linked back to the organization’s web site. Certification logos may be placed in close proximity of products that that weren’t awarded (halo effect). For example, a certification for a consumer version of a product doesn’t automatically mean that the business version is certified. To validate certifications, customers should find an area on the company’s site that does link back to the certification organizations'

Note - On October 12, AVG formally announced AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition and AVG Internet Security Business Edition. Certifications for the consumer versions of these products cannot be attributed to these automatically and vice versa.

Virus Bulletin - Customer’s should only be concerned with the last 2 or 3 years of a vendor’s performance when looking at this. With respect to receiving VB100 Awards for entries since 2008 to current time. For AVG Technologies’ test history for the VB100 award, go to .
Note the product tested, and the platform tested on . AVG did receive an October VB 100 reward. This was using Internet Security 2010 running on Windows Server 2003.

AVG performed okay, but did not crack the top nine in the Virus Bulletin’s RAP (Reactive and Proactive detection test for the the August through October time frame. It Performed above 90% in Reactive Protection but scored just below 70% in Proactive Detection. This test measures products' reactive and proactive detection abilities against the most recent malware that has emerged around the world. For a thorough description of the test, go to . . To see the quadrant go to .

ICSA Labs –To generate a list of current certifications AVG has received, go to . 2010 Product tests and certified as of September 2010 are AVG Internet Security 2010 and AVG File Server (desktop/server anti-virus detection)

AV-Test – AVG Internet Security 2010 received 5.5 for Protection, 4.0 for Repair and 5.5 for Usability, out of 6.0, in the “AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report” - 2010/Q2. The product did receive certification.

AV-Comparatives – AVG Anti-virus 2010 was one of 7 companies to receive an Advanced 2 star rating in AV-Comparatives’ August “On Demand Detection of Malicious Software Test”. Nine companies received an Advanced 3 star rating.

West Coast Labs Checkmark – For a list of AVG product with Checkmark Platinum Certification and Checkmark Certification, go to As of September 2010, these are the 9.0 versions. AVG was one of the first companies to receive a Checkmark Platinum certification.

All the above organization are members of the Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization ( The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO) was founded in May 2008 as an international non-profit association that focuses on the addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies.

Other Vendor’s Internet Security 2011 and Other Suites – Sampling of New Features

Some interesting features not available in AVG Internet Security in these company’s internet security and/or security solutions include (not comprehensive) for a sample of the companies below:

BitDefender – Chat Encryption, Online Back-up, File Encryption

Panda Security - Secure Browser, Remote PC-Access, File Encryption, File Shredding

Norton – Online back-up, Remote File-Access, PC-Tune-up

Kaspersky - Safe Desktop, Block Websites by Country Code, Special Online Banking Mode

Internet Security 2011 Solutions Released

Clicking on the links below will take you to the complete comparison tables. These are for the company’s anti-virus, internet security, and other security suite solutions in checklist form.

• BitDefender Total Security 2011 was released around August 16. For product details -
• Kaspersky - Kaspersky announced Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 on August 16 For product details -
• Panda Security – Panda Internet Security Suite 2011 was announced on July 27. For product details -
• Webroot - Webroot Internet Security Complete 2011 was announced on July 26. For product details
• Symantec – Symantec introduced their Norton consumer security solutions in early September. For product details:
• Trend Micro - Trend Micro introduced their Titanium product line in early September. For product details: and click on “product comparison”
• F-Secure - F-Secure announced their internet security product line on September 15. For product details: and then click on compare products.
• McAfee – McAfee announced their 2011 retail product line on September 30. For product details:

• AVG Technologies – AVG Technologies announced their AVG 2011 product line on September 29. For product details:

2011 Internet Security Solutions That Haven’t Been Released

• Avast – No official release date has been announced.
• Avira – No official release data has been announced.

Revenue from AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition?

Approximately 75 million downloads of AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition took place from last year. AVG’s publicly talked about installed base is 110 million. This suggests a lot of churn, or perhaps people using the product just once to do a clean-up. A portion migrate to a paid product as well. Switching costs from a free product? $0.

The preferred migration path to revenue for AVG from the free users purchase AVG Internet Security 2011. However, these two reviewers are more or less suggesting that the free customers keep what they have. Rubenking even goes so far to suggest that they can create a suite using AVG’s Free Anti-virus, a free firewall, and a free spam filter from Cloudmark (Desktop One, 5 stars). Product revenue to AVG $0. Toolbar revenue and other revenue is unknown. Another free alternative would be to replace AVG Anti-virus Free Edition (3.5 out of 5) Panda Cloud Security (Editor’s Choice, and 4.0 out of 5). These users could then download AVG LinkScanner for Free. In the Wall Street Journals’ 2010 Technology Innovation Awards on September 22, Panda came in second in the Network Security Category. This results in lost toolbar revenue for AVG.

Should these customers decide to upgrade to a full internet security suite, Rubenking is suggesting Norton or Kaspersky as alternatives. Norton was Rubenking’s Editor’s Choice in the Internet Security category). The product Panda came in second to in the Wall Street Journal? Norton. This may not have quite the same cachet as receiving Walter Mossberg’s seal of approval, but it’s quite impressive.

What does CNET’s Rosenblatt have to suggest about AVG Free Edition users upgrading to AVG Internet Security? “But unless you're regularly in need of support and PC tuning it's hard to justify paying when the efficacy ratings are less than stellar.”

Non AVG customers looking for a new free or internet security solution? - As mentioned above Panda Security received top billing from Rubenking and for a suite, he’s suggesting Kaspersky or Norton. These people can then download the standalone version of AVG LinkScanner. Of course, this is where partners come in to provide the suite for free in exchange for purchasing some other good or service.

AVG Technologies Initial Public Offering (IPO) – As of October 1

Several publications in Europe wrote (unnamed sources) that AVG Technologies intended to go public on November 10 on the Warsaw exchange.
According to AVG CEO J.R. Smith in the September 29 edition of the Prague Post, there has been no decision to list shares of AVG Technologies on either the Warsaw or any other bourse.

For more details, go to “September 30 Addendum: AVG Technologies IPO to Appear on Warsaw Stock Exchange” November 10? and “September Addendum - AVG Technologies Prepares to Go Public”

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