Monday, June 21, 2010

AVG LinkScanner for Mac Announced by AVG Technologies - 6/24 addendum

On June 14th, AVG announced AVG LinkScanner for Mac. Like AVG LinkScanner for Windows, it is a free download, designed to protect people in real time from malicious threats as they surf the web. Most of AVG’s security solutions also include AVG LinkScanner for Windows.

June 24th addendum - CNET's top Mac security downloads for the week ending June 20th.


AVG promotes the LinkScanner for Mac as providing real time protection while surfing the web. This should make it attractive to Mac users, even though the world has yet to see a massive virus outbreak among Mac users! AVG CTO Karel Obluk has an informative blog about how LinkScanner works at The AVG LinkScanner demo on the LinkScanner download site inaccurately states that LinkScanner “looks at every single website.” That would take awhile!

There is no migration path to a traditional Antivirus or Internet Security suite solution for the Mac. AVG currently doesn’t offer these. Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee, among others have Mac Antivirus and/or Internet Security solutions. A Mac offering may be in AVG’s future. However, neither Avira nor Avast (the other two of los Free Amigos) offer a Mac solution, either. Those desiring a free Mac AV solution can check out PC Tools iAntiVirus at

AVG LinkScanner for Mac had an impressive number of downloads during its first week of availability. Below are the number of downloads for the product and for other standalones that promote safe surfing. The below is for the week of June 13 and lists downloads, total downloads, and from which date. These figures are from and reflect downloads of a particular version. It’ll be interesting to see how weekly downloads change over the next month.

AVG LinkScanner for Mac 2094/2094, 6/13/2010
AVG LinkScanner for Windows 504/73k, 11/04/2009
McAfee SiteAdvisor 660/25k, 12/23/2009 (free version)
Web of Trust (IE) 286/45k, 3/07/2010
Web of Trust (Firefox) 301/65k, 5/05/2010

Finjan, now part of M86 Security – offers Finjan SecureBrowsing™ as a free download (IE and Firefox) They promote this as scanning web pages in real-time, much like AVG LinkScanner.

Solutions that promote “real-time” and then mention accessing a database may be playing fast and free with the phrase “real-time”. People may want to watch for this.

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